Everyone is Important 

Life is not a competition, if it was we we would be born, at the same time,have the same DNA, same colour , and die at the same time.

But we don’t, everyone is unique and God has a different purpose for everyone of us. We are imageall so different because God has a different purpose for everyone of us.

The worst thing we can do is compare ourselves or treat ourselves differently or envy because we don’t have what someone else has.

God has created us and its up to us to seek Him and so we can live a purposeful life and be the best He has created us to be.

Nobody is more important than the other in a body. Everybody is important, whether you are the stomach or the ears. Or the feet or the arm. When a body part is missing all the other parts will suffer.

But sometimes one body part treats the other parts like he is better. And the other body part may think they are not as good as the other.

The body will become dysfunctional if they don’t work together but work against each other.

Like a white blood cell attacking its on body, thats what we do to each other. When God has created us to love each other and help each other, we attack eachother.