In the book of John5:6,7 , Jesus asked the lame man ” Would you like to get well? And the first thing that came out of His mouth is ” I can’t”

When I looked at the text, I was shocked to hear the man reply to Jesus that He can’t . I thought to myself ” what do you mean you can’t?

Can you imagine? And this was Jesus giving a chance to be healed and delivered.

The lame man had a limited mindset of how He could get healed, to Him , the only way He could get healed is if He was quick enough to get into the pool when the Angel stirred it.

As believers we shouldn’t limit How God wants to heal us how God wants bring our breakthrough or deliverance. We shouldn’t limit God to a place.

The lame man had a limited mindset ” that it cant be done. We shouldnt have a limited mindset that we can’t or something cannot happen. Because the lame man at the pool of bethseda had a mindset that He can’t , Even though people were jumping into the pool. Yes He made it clear He was slow in getting into the pool, but He already had a mindset that He can’t and that already created a barrier.

Realise that there were other people who were also sick and paralysed all around Him just like He was. But they got into the pool before Him. Because He sat down for years with a mindset that He can’t.

But Jesus commanded Him to pick up His mat and walk. And that’s the authority we have been given as believers. That even when we face situations that look impossible with our eyes , we have to speak with the authority Jesus has given us .