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You are chosen, set apart to bring glory to God’s name.
God has chosen you. You to come on this earth. You to be His vessel. You to manifest His glory. Out of the many sperms that could have germinated your mothers egg, you were chosen. You were chosen for such a time as this. You are chosen for a purpose. You are not useless or good for nothing. You are not worthless. You have worth, you have purpose. And not just that you are selected that way, but God has chosen you. He brought you here because His love had to manifest. You are a manifestation of God’s love. Theres something so great within you that He couldn’t keep you alone. He has plans that He wants to manifest through you. Just as they say , if you love someone, you will let them go. God couldn’t keep you, He had to release you for others to see His glory, for others to see the amazing works of His hands. Everything He created has purpose, but more importantly,you are the purpose behind His creation. His love is soo deep that He had to manifest you.

God created Esther for a specific time for a specific purpose. God has placed you here for a specific time, for a specific purpose. He could have brought you forth in 1880, but He brought you forth, in this time, for this generation, in this century.
Romans 8:19 For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.
You are a child of God, you are the daughter of a king, you are a son of the most high. You are not a mistake. Even if the very people who carried you say you are a mistake. Even if the circumstances around you doesn’t make sense. You are loved and cherished and chosen by God for such a time as this. Even if those who are supposed to cater for you abandon you, you have purpose. Purpose is not based on the creation, but its based on the mind behind the creator. And God’s thoughts towards you are loving , are good and not of evil. All manner of things may be happening around us in this world. But they do not manifest the thoughts of God for you and for this world. God’s thoughts are to bring you to an expected end.

Only God can raise an orphan like Esther, and set her high to be a princess. You are God’s princess, your heavenly father cares about every detail of your being. The fact that Esther did not have a mother didn’t stop her from leading other women. Sometimes God will use us in the areas in which we lack, the areas in which we struggle in, God will help you overcome so others can know of His love and glory.

Esther’s story tells us , it doesn’t matter how you begin, God can raise you up and use you beyond your mind could comprehend.

God wants to write your story, your story may have began in abuse, in insecurity, in brokeness, in lonliness, from being abandoned. But God wants to write your story of a fulfilled life,
Just like Esther the beginning of your story does not predict your ending. Your end will be good, your end will be a complete contrast from your beginning.

Esther’s background did not stop her from becoming a queen. Your bad experiences in life, whether you were rejected or neglected does not determine who you are. You are God’s child.

In life we have to learn to close chapters from the past that weigh us down. That make us think whether we are suitable to reach and achieve greatness. We didn’t see anywhere in the book of Esther, where she wondered if she could make it because of her lineage, or her past. To be honest Esther kept quiet about that fact that she was a jew. Thats because Its who God said ” she is that will determine where she was going, not what society thought.

When we come to Christ we are a new creation. We must not allow the lies from the past, the incidents to determine who we are. Jesus has put to death the old you.