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Don’t abuse the power you have been given.



Its important that when God blesses us to excel and lifts us up that we treat others rightly.

We shouldn’t use the authority or the role we have been given to suppress others. It doesn’t matter if we have received awards or if we have a role as a leader at church , we should remember that God loves us as much as He loves those who have less in wealth or authority than us , whether it be physical or spiritual.

We shouldn’t abuse the power we have been given. The greatest leader is one who knows how to serve others. Because they do not see leadership as an opportunity to control others , but an opportunity to bring the best out of others.

They will not allow their positions to blind them and treat others as though they are inferior to them. Because they realise that it is God that brings growth. They realise that no matter their authority they are not more human than someone who doesn’t have the same authority.

Don’t use your authority to abuse others. Use your authority to bring the best out of others , so God will be glorified.

In the book of Esther 3, Haman was promoted by King Ahasuerus, and He had been given great authority in the land by the king. The bible says ” the king advanced Haman and set his seat above all the princes who were with Him.

But Haman abused the authority He had been given by planning to destroy all the Jews because Mordecai( Esther’s uncle refused to bow) . Because Mordecai would not bow He planned to kill Him and everyone else from His clan.
Haman was given authority but He wanted to use what He had to suppress others who had less authority than Him.

It is not in God’s will that anyone will be suppressed by their fellow Human being. It is not in God’s will that anyone should use their authority to abuse others. It is not in God’s will that anyone should be treated badly because of their background or position.
Whats so amazing is that the same person Haman planned to destroy , was the same person God lifted up and replaced Haman’s position with. God can always replace and remove us from any position if we treat others badly and do not humble ourselves. God removed Haman from His seat and replaced Him with the same person He was planning to oppress and destroy. We must be careful who we treat badly, in fact we must treat everyone with love. The tables can switch at anytime. If we are not willing to love and serve others when God has blessed us , God can take it all away.
Love others and treat others with Love, because their background or position does not define who they are. The same God who created you created them and Loves them as much as He loves you.