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God will reward You in His time… Wait


In the book of Esther 2:21
Mordecai saved King Ahasuerus life, by reporting to Esther to inform the king that two of the King’s Enuchs were plotting to kill him.
But the king did not thank Mordecai for what He had done. The king did not reward Mordecai. But God saw what Mordecai had done. God saw that Mordecai had not be rewarded for been a good man. God saw and did not forget about Mordecai but it seemed like the King had forgotten. But as long as God has seen that is enough. You don’t need man to recognise you, even if they don’t recognise you, you should not worry. Because God Himself has seen you and will reward you for your good works. And when God rewards you , you will not forget. You will know that God has His eyes on you and His word does not return to Him void.

Man may not recognize you because they forgot , or sometimes it could even be intentional. But it doesn’t matter because God sees and knows.
Matthew 10:30 ; God knows how many hairs you have on your head.

But straight after Mordecai’s good works, somebody else had been rewarded; Haman. Haman was promoted and was given alot of authority.

We didnt see Mordecai been rewarded straightaway. And that makes me understand that sometimes, after you have done a good deed, or you have helped others or you have been there for others and have been selfless. Nobody recognizes you, its as if they did not see you do it at all. Its as if what you did was invisible to man. But just know that it wasnt invisible to God. And God will bless you for obeying His word and the good you are doing. Don’t be shocked if you don’t recieve the reward straightaway, don’t be aggregaited, don’t be furious. Just give thanks to God, you have not been forgotten. Because there will be a time where you will enjoy the fruits of your goodness.

Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

You are not rewarded now because God has a set time for everything. You are not rewarded now, because God is planing How He can reward you greatly. You are not rewarded now because the time is not yet.
After you sit an exam, there is a period of waiting for the examiners to mark your work, and a period where they will tally your marks and release your results. The results of all your hard work, is not released on the same day in any major exams. But because you know you studied , you believe and expect to do well.
God reminded the King at the appointed time to bless Mordecai. In Esther 6:1,
The King could not sleep. What would make the king sleepless, after sleeping well many nights of not rewarding Mordecai. That day the King Recognized Mordecai. When God is ready to release your reward, it doesn’t matter what the situation is Your blessings will arrive.

The King may not have heared God say reward Mordecai now, but God orchestrated Mordecai’s blessings to be released at a time where a grave was been dug for Him.
God knew when the right time was to reward Mordecai. And God knows the set time to reward you.
And at the appointed time, Mordecai was rewarded. And Mordecai was rewarded greatly.

So be patient for God to reward you. Don’t rush to hear congratulations from man. Just Know that You have Abba Father who sees everything you do , and He will reward you in His time.