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It is better to step out and fail , than to sit back and do nothing at all.

Sometimes you don’t know the outcome of some decisions you are about to take. The decision might mean, you can loose it all or you can gain. The decision might mean you take action now and have faith that God will come through or sit there in the problem.

The thing about life is problems don’t dissolve away. We must make the step of praying to God about the problem and seeking God’s face for a solution. God requires us to step outside of our comfort zone, because we can’t get comfortable in our problems. We must move before the problems move us. We cannot sit down and cover up issues, when God asks us to cast all our burdens unto Him for He cares for us.( 1 peter 5:7) We must keep praying until something happens.

In the Book of Esther chapter 4.
Queen Esther came to a place where she could have sat down and watched her people perish, or get out of her comfort zone and seek God’s hand to save the life’s of her people.
There are certain times in life where it looks like making a decision puts you at risk, certain people may walk away, and you may loose what was keeping you comfortable. But those decisions when taken with faith will not only bring you out of your comfort zone, but can bring out the potential you never saw in yourself.

Queen Esther could have sat in the palace, and thought “well my name hasn’t been mentioned as part of those Haman was going to kill, so am safe.”
Even though Esther knew she was at risk of being put to death if she visited the king, she boldly stepped out.

God’s decisions overpower the laws set by man. God’s decisions does not wait on man’s laws to be made. His ways are truly not our ways, neither are His thoughts. (Isaiah 55:9
For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.)
God had already created the whole universe and it runs as God has already spoken in the beginning. Therefore nothing can go beyond what God himself has already commanded. Jesus is the beginning and the end, the author and creator of the universe.

The way He commanded the sun and moon to appear it does. The way He commanded the sea to stop at the borders it does. The way He commanded man to increase and multiply its happening. Therefore can He not command a situation any situation in your life? Is there anything too hard for God?

But before God made a way even with laws restricting Esther to go to the king, Esther fasted. Esther knew that it was not going to happen until she surrender the situation to God. Esther had to deny what made her comfortable. She had to deny herself

There’s a saying which goes ” if you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done”.

That something you have to do, will be something you’ve not done. Because you are expecting to see a change.