. You are a complete story, with a begining middle and an end. And God wants to be there in every part of your story of life.

Hunger for Jesus


God loves you soo much. Before the foundations of the earth were laid by God He thaught of you. People don’t choose God because they are pretending or want to come out holy. The fact is you are not in control of when you are born and when you leave this earth. You didnot create yourself and cant create anything around you. God’s word is true and pure. When you pray He answers. God is real , and He created you in His image. He didnt bring you on this earth to just pass by, he brought you for a purpose. He cares about you and He loves you. He has a plan for you. How would you know about someone until you search for them, ask of them and do the research yourself. How can you say something is not true until you’ve tried it. As His word says…

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