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When man chooses to turn away from God, everything is affected.

When a people choose to turn away from God, everything around becomes dysfunctional.

Because God is the one who created the heavens and the earth. He is the one who created every living thing. He is the one who gives life. He is the one who brings peace.

Now if a people are walking away from God, God’s wrath comes over those people.
But before His wrath, He gives us a chance to change. A chance to surrender and turn from our ways.
God is so good He tells us the consequences of our sin. The wages of sin is death( Romans 6:23)  Sometimes its not a physical death, but a destruction of your soul.
But eventually we will all die oneday and when we have obeyed God and have a relationship with Him, our physical body dies but our soul will be with Him. But those who turn away from Him on this earth and don’t repent are like dead men walking.

Our obedience does not only affect us, but things around us. When we are blessed by God, whatever is around us becomes blessed also.

When you read the book of Joel 1
:10- 12

You come to understand that even the grain is ruined, new wine is dried up and oils fail, all because of a nation turning away from God.

Even the harvest in the field perished , the trees that are meant to bare fruit are even withered.

Joel 1:16 Is not the food cut of before your eyes, Joy and gladness from the house of God?

18 How the animals groan ! The herds of cattle are restless because they have no pasture ; even the flocks of sheep suffer punishment.
So when you see so much trouble going on in the world. It comes down to man turning their face from God. Not acknowledging Him and serving other idols. Walking into complete destruction and not having any reverence for Almighty God. Just thinking that there will be food , there will be water , without thanking the one who makes the plants germinate and produce fruits and the created rain.

Man has given honour to things that don’t deserve the honour. Man has given honour to Himself for the wisdom of God and God’s creation. They don’t think of the fact that their very existence is a result of Almighty God. God has given man dominion over the earth and man uses that dominion carelessly. God’s freewill which expresses His love for us and our ability to choose life we’ve turned into choosing things that will destroy us.

Glory be to God