When you walk with God doesn’t mean you won’t face difficulty or be rejected.

Sometimes you may wonder, after all my prayers and worship. Why am i still facing problems ?. I have repented from my old ways, I am seeking God’s face, why am i still facing some difficulties. I thought when I gave my life to Jesus, thats it , am sorted.

Yes you are sorted, because your soul will not suffer in hell. You are sorted because you will still face difficulties and come out standing. You are sorted because you are on the right path, You are walking with the spirit of truth. You are sorted because Jesus is working within you daily to become more like Him. You are sorted because you have the guidance of the Holy spirit. You are sorted because greater is He that lives in you than He that is in the world. You are sorted because Even in the midst of storms God gives you peace.

Now how can anyone face life alone without Jesus? You face trials and you are not alone, you fight battles and you are not alone when you have Jesus. life is great with Jesus, you have Him to cast your burdens unto, for He cares for you.

You have Jesus who will not just hear you but carry the burden thats on your shoulder.
The difference is even when you go through difficulties, it won’t affect your sight. It won’t break your bones and suck the strength out of you. Because you have the God of angels armies pouring out His strength on you, to go through tough times and come out standing. Because somethings didn’t work out in the past , doesn’t mean you have no hope. You have hope with God, He will open another door. Its not over, its not the end when you have God on your side. Even if you didn’t get things exactly the way you want them. God has a better plan. Seek Him, don’t stop because things have not turned out the way you expected.

God’s plans for you are of a good future and an hope ( Jeremiah 29:11) No Matter what you are going through now, The joy of your future ahead is much much greater than the difficulty you are going through. So don’t give up, be patient and see, live and see, endure and see , for the Lord is good,and His mercies endure forever.
2 samuel 16 5-8

Some people may look at someone and think, if they have been good why are they going through this hardship. If its God that brought them up why are they falling. If it was God that put them together why are there problems in their marriage? How can bad things happen to good people?
The fact that you are good person doesn’t make you prone from difficulties or attacks. It doesn’t make you prone from people despising you.

David had to flee from the throne God has given to Him. Because His own son Absalom, planned and plotted so He could take over. And on His way with His servants and people, A man from the family of Saul accused Him of evil He did not do. He cursed David and called Him a blood thirsty man. Accused Him of stealing Saul’s throne and killing Him.

And was mocking Him and told Him ” The Lord has brought upon you all the blood of the house of Saul, in whose place you have reigned, and the Lord has delivered it into the hands of Absalom.

But everything the man said about David was not the truth. The Lord anointed and called David to the throne. And Saul was removed from the throne as a result of His disobedience to God. But the man assumed that the difficulty David was facing because He killed Saul.

Be Careful not to judge people or assume that the difficulties they are facing is because of something bad they have done. That is not always the case. Bad things can happen to good people for a period, but the story does not finish there. Good always overcomes evil. Light overcomes darkness.

When David sinned against God by sleeping with Uriah’s wife and killed Him, God said He will not remove Him from the throne, But God’s punishment was that David’s son whom she was pregnant with would die, His own household would rebel against Him and His wives would be given to another man in broad day light.i