Do things God’s way and He will get the glory

The glory has to belong to God not man. And when the glory belongs to God man will not get you there, God himself will.He may use man, but the glory does not belong to man. The glory belongs to God.

When things are done man’s way it doesnt last, there’s a price, there is a formula. But when things are done God’s way there is no formula. Words cannot explain how He did it. Because His ways are far above our ways ( Isaiah 55:8) and the thoughts of God is no where near what our minds can comprehend
When things are done God’s way, God will get the glory and His word will not return to Him void. But when we do things and make decisions according to the world God is not getting the glory. We want God to come through but we don’t want to do things His way.

We want a man who is committed and has a true heart for God but we keep eyes on the cute guy who lusts after the flesh.
We pray for God to use us but we get impatient when we sit at His feet and havn’t heard Him yet.
If we truly wants God’s way then it doesn’t matter when or where or how. We won’t be choosy because we want His way.
When you ask someone to direct you somewhere. And they tell you the direction, will you reply back saying ” actually I won’t take that route? Did you not ask them so you can be directed?

God deserves all the glory out of our situations. But are we truly given Him glory on decisions we did not involve Him? Decisions that don’t please Him?
God got the glory of David becoming King. When David was in hiding, He asked God where to go, and God directed Him and He was safe. When David was in hiding from Saul He asked God who to fight and God delivered His enemies into His hands.( 1 samuel 23:2)

When David could have killed Saul on two attempts, He did not do it.His army told Him to do it, but He did not. (1 samuel 24, 26)  They were not going to get the glory for who God Himself has ordained David to be. David obeyed God so God got the glory.

Finally when Sauls servant rejected Saul’s son Isbotheth and decided to do everything to make sure David gets the throne, He was killed. He was not going to get the glory for who God almighty Himself has ordained and anointed to be King.

Man is not going to get the glory, God is. So when you do things God’s way, just know that no-matter what you may face along the way, God Himself will get the glory. And your end will be good because God puts Himself above His word. No matter how long it takes lets be patient and obey. God has a set time for everything and because you don’t know His time doesnt mean its not going to happen. David was anointed but He didn’t step on the throne straight away. He was patient through the test, sometimes alone, sometimes surrounded by people, sometimes cried, sometimes rejoiced, sometimes He was even thinking that Saul will surely kill Him one day. But in the end God got the glory and He waited.