Don’t allow any circumstance to steal your joy and also stop you from doing God’s will.
Nothing stopped David from doing what God asked Him to do,even in times of Difficulty.
Even in hiding from Saul, David was leading those who were in debt,those who were distressed and those who were discontented.( 1 samuel 22:2)

God was still using David in His time of difficulty. David didn’t pack His bags and say “because Saul is looking to kill me, I will sit in one corner and cry.” God can still use you in your times of Difficulty. Even when David was still in hiding, He asked God if He could go and attack the Philistines and save Keilah, as the philistines were attacking the people of Keilah. The fact that He was been hunted down by Saul didn’t stop Him from stepping out and walking in obedience.

David enquired of God before taking the step to go for the philistines. Enquire from God of what He wants you to do. And let God lead you. The issue is we have to learn to depend on God for strength to do His will in difficult times. Its God that will give us the strength to get up and go. Its God who will give you the peace in the midst of difficulties.
1 samuel 23:3
But David’s men said to him, ” Look we are afraid here in Judah, How much more If we go to Keilah against the armies of the philistines? ” . Then David inquired of the Lord once again. And the Lord answered Him and said “Arise, go down to Keilah. For I will deliver the philistines into your hand.” Jesus could have waited for the storm to calm down. But He spoke to the storm.

When you realise that the reason you are going through a problem is not to cripple you. That the reason you are going through it is to build your faith and build your character for where God wants to take you, Then that circumstance won’t make you miserable.


Sometimes we allow circumstances we are facing to affect our behaviour towards people. We shouldn’t. Because God is with you, the circumstance shouldn’t influence your joy. Because God is with you, You have to know you are going to make it. You have to know that whatever you are going through is not permanent. When you know this, you will not allow worry and fear to control your emotions. You would Rather seek God and let Him give you peace.

David could have just continue to hide, in the times where Saul was chasing Him and not even asked God whether He should still go and fight the philistines.Don’t allow anything or anyone to cripple your joy and living out the life God has created you to live.
Problems were here before you came. And they are here after you leave this earth. But you have God on your side, who is above every problem.

David wanted God’s will regardless of what He was facing. When you are facing difficulty shouldn’t make you walk out of God’s will. Or it shouldn’t make us walk in disobedience. When you havn’t got money and a man with money comes and ask you out, but you know deep down He is not your God ordained husband, doesn’t mean you chase after Him as a solution to your money issue. The man has arrived right on time for your problems. But He is not your solution. Because you are accepting His offer money ( fornication) thinking it is a solution.
In difficult times is when the enemy also provides easy solutions. But those solutions are not God’s will. So please seek God’s will and He will provide.God doesn’t want you to depend on a man, He wants you to depend on Him.