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I never really used to understand when people say there is purpose behind your pain. For me it sounded like You mean I Didn’t go through all this for no reason? I didn’t fight this battle for no reason? But one faithful day I grasped and experienced what it meant by Purpose behind the pain. That whatever you went through was not meant to kill you, it wasn’t meant to define who you are, but God will help you overcome it and use you to help others in a similar situation for His glory. I came to understand that it wasn’t all about me, that there are loads more people who were broken. That I needed to keep my eyes on Jesus and seek Him to fill the brokenness within me. That Jesus came for the broken, lost, confused, weary. That I couldn’t allow anything from the past that made me broken to keep me in bondage. That all authority in Heaven and on earth belongs to Jesus and nothing that I’ve faced could hold me down because He gave me authority to use His name which is above all.

So I got up that morning just hungry to spend time with God. The time I spent in the morning before work was not enough. So I decided that at lunch time at work I would spend time in the prayer room at work. I prayed and worshiped and had my quiet time to listen. But in the middle of waiting I sadly started sleeping. I can’t believe I slept. Then I woke up again and began to worship, but then a lady walked into the prayer room and sat a few seats behind me. I toned down my voice and I felt to turn my head again and watch. I turned my head again to worship but I felt to stop and watch her again. Then I just asked Her, ” Are you alright” she replied “Yes” but then tears started rolling down her face. I got up from my seat and went to sit next to her. I hugged her and the tears were even more. She then spoke to me and said she has been tortured so much by people in the past. With words of abuse from people close to her and even her past relationship. And now that she is free from those people her mind is still caught up in the past. She is free physically but her mind has not recovered from the abusive names and labels from the past. Her mind is still bound to the past and she doesn’t know how to be free. She doesn’t know how to escape torturous voices and she just doesn’t see how she can be free and live. The medication and therapy from the doctors wasn’t making a difference. As she spoke I held her hand, God gave me words to encourage her. Even though tears strolled down her face, she began to smile, I spoke with words of hope, words of strength, words of power and words of someone who didn’t see why I needed to live at a point in my life, but God kept me. As I finished speaking she asked me to pray for with her. I prayed with her and Hugged her. She had the biggest smile on her face, she continuously kept saying thank you.
As I was returning back to work I stopped for a moment and thanked God for using me. I thanked God for using me to reach to someone who was broken from her past just as I was.I thank God for giving me strength and healing me of the thoughts of hopelessness that nearly led me to take my life when I was young. I thanked God for keeping me to see that day and giving me the strength and peace to overcome so He could use me to help someone else who felt the same way about life.


I don’t know what you’ve been through. I don’t know what words or situations from the past has kept you in bondage. You are not hopeless because of your past. You are valuable because of who you belong to; Jesus. He has given you life today because He Loves you and you have a purpose on this earth. Don’t allow your past pain to steal the bright future God has for you. Take the pain, the brokeness, the emptiness to God. Stop crying about what you went through and cry out to God. God doesn’t want your mind on your pain, He wants your mind to be on Him.  Only Jesus can set you free.

Glory be be to God
I will be still and know you are GOD.