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Why would someone still treat you differently or hate on you even when they have more than you. Its because of where they can see you going.To you ,you are little, but you’ve got to understand you are a treasure in the eyes of God. You’ve got greatness inside of you and you may not see it but they do. You may think you have little now, but the very little you have will be great one day. Sometimes you may think the best thing to do is revenge those who want to destroy you. But the battle belongs to God.
David acted wisely in the midst of Saul. He did everything He needed to do correctly so Saul will have nothing to say. But He was still jealous of Him. He still wanted to kill Him. Not because had anything, but because of where he could see David. The women rejoiced over David and that made Him jealous. That was a while ago, but Saul continued to be jealous. Because He could see that David was going to be great with God on His side.

You shall conquer in every battle set to trap or take you out. You will succeed in the area they placed you to limit you. Because God is with you
Saul sent David to war so He will be killed. He told Him to go and bring back 100 foreskins of the philistines, to prove that He had conquered. But David went to war and brought back 200 foreskins. He went to the war that was planned to kill Him and brought back double of what Saul requested. He didn’t just survive He succeeded in the area set up to kill Him.
May God expose every scheme to destroy you and confuse the plans of the enemy.
Saul told Jonathan He wanted to kill David. But God made Jonathan love David as His own soul (1 samuel 18:1) . So Jonathan informed David that Saul seeks to kill Him. And even advised David to go into hiding.

Some people want to criticize you and make your life difficult. Some people want to get rid of you not because of something bad you have done. But because of something good you have done. They don’t want to see any goodness come out of you, even though you are doing well, they will find something bad to say. They want you to take your eyes of everything thats going well and start to think of yourself the way they see you. To make you think of yourself lowly and eventually stop doing good. Be Careful with such people.
Saul sent messengers to kill David. But at the time David was with a group of prophets prophesying and He was leading. When the messengers saw David, their agenda to kill David was removed. The spirit of God took over them and they began to prophesy as well. Saul sent second and third messengers and they also began to prophecy.
God is able to turn any trap or assignment against you to be for you. Those who have been assigned to eliminate you will be confused. They will start helping you rather than destroy you. They came with an agenda, but their agenda will not be fulfilled. Because if God be for you, who can be against you.

Glory be to God