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Let God heal your pain


Hurting people hurt people. The only way to know you are healed is when you don’t inflict your pain on others. When your wound is completely healed theres no agenda to inflict the pain.
When its healed you only go around wanting to heal people. Telling others that their pain can also go away. That its a matter of handing over your wounds to God.

You no longer think that you are a victim of pain. Rather you are a survivor. And a true survivor will tell others of their survival story. If its not spoken of nobody knows you survived. Somebody may give up because you never spoke of how you survived.
God uses broken pieces. For God broken pieces are not put in the trash. He mends them together one by one, until its made whole. God is the one who created you, therefore no matter how you feel or what you been through thats made you broken, He can mold you back to your best piece. You are God’s masterpiece.

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

A master piece is the best of all the pieces of works. You are God’s God’s best piece.
Like a broken art piece ,God knows what you consist of, He knows the best in you. Because He made you. Therefore no matter what has caused you pain, He can heal your pain and restore you.

The healing may not take a day. Its a process, sometimes you may not see the results manifest immediately. But every time you hand over your wound He is healing it.
When a wound is healing, you may not see the white blood cells and antibodies at the sight of the wound involved in the process . You cant see the platelets involved in rebuilding the wound. Sometimes all you can see is the red wound. But through it all the healing is taking place internally before manifesting itself physically. The most important part is the process of healing within. When you hand your wounds over to God He is the master healer, who heals you from within.

When you keep putting your mind back on the pain. Its like touching an open wound or reopening a healed wound. The wound cannot heal properly because its been festered with. Every Time your mind goes back on the pain refer it to Jesus your wound healer.
God knows what happened, when it happened and He is the greatest healer of all your wounds.