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The Lord placed this verse on my heart and led me to write this back in february. Our Heavenly father loves us.
Psalm 68:5
A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation.

God our father is
A father that provides for you
A father that protects for you
A father that is the head of the house
A father that loves you
A father disciplines you
God is a father to those without fathers and those with fathers.Less of their father. Those who don’t have the main figure. This means those without fathers still have a father, they wont be in need, they wont be led astray, they wont be afraid, they wont feel unloved, they wont be mislead.
Theres so much your earthly father can do, He cant be everywhere and know everything. But our heavenly father is omnipresent and omniscient. Whether your earthly father has been around or not, you haven’t missed anything in life. Because recognizing and knowing your heavenly father means everything beyond your earthly father is provided. Getting to know your heavenly father you will be counseled, you will become the great man or woman you are called to be. You haven’t missed out because you never spent time with your earthly father or seen him. Your heavenly father knew you before you were born. Your earthly father hadn’t even seen you before you were brought into existence by your heavenly father. Your heavenly father chose your earthly father. Your earthly father waited on you( a special gift) your heavenly father delivered.your heavenly father wants you to know Him as well as He knows you. This means spending time with him. Your heavenly father delivered you for a purpose and one day you will go back to him.He wants you to know Him when you see Him again. When you were delivered you didn’t know Him but when you return back to Him He wants you to know Him. If you know Him here you will definitely know Him when you see Him one day.
No matter what you may face. Our heavenly father will be there, through the trials the ups and the downs, He will stand by us. Knowing Him means we have authority, we are protected, He will never leave us nor forsake us.