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Just at the time when God is about to release your blessing, thats when a inpatient steps in. At the time when you are about to see the truth, that’s when the lies come in. At the brink of your miracle that’s when doubt and worry comes in.
So when you’ve waited on God. When you’ve been positive and strong all this time, and been consistent, don’t let a minute of impatience draw you away from your brink of blessing.
The Israelites were about to go on a deeper level with God. God has the original plan and told Moses so the Israelites make a sanctuary ( so God will dwell among them) . God also asked Moses to build an altar.

But around this time, the Israelites were busy making an idol with their gold. And built an Altar before the idol.
The same time when your blessing is about to be released, is the time where the enemy brings in a fake copy, so you don’t wait on God’s original.
Realize that the idol of a cow was built by the Aaron in one day, with no descriptions, with no wisdom, with no skill.
But the tabernacle of God most High, the word was given to Moses, God described how everything should look like, and gave the Israelites wisdom and the skills to build it.
Sometimes at the time of waiting the enemy presents with fake copies.

You may have to wait, but just know that you are waiting for something great. Because you are waiting on a great God. So don’t be impatient,and choose what you want instead of waiting on God. Don’t let time push you into decisions which are not in alignment with God’s will or God’s word. It may seem like a long wait, but waiting on God, means you will receive the best.
Because of impatience the Israelites built an idol.they got fed up, not knowing that if they were patient the blessing which they would have received would have been so great, and God was planning to dwell amongst them. So when they needed something Moses didn’t have to go to Mount Sinai alone and return. But because God was about to dwell amongst them they would be closer to God.

The blessing which comes after your patient season is over will take you on another level with God. Your patience will not just release your blessing. Your waiting season will draw you closer to God. Because when you are faithful when waiting , Why won’t God reward you with more.