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Psalm 91:7
Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.

Because you are covered by the blood of Jesus, nothing can touch you even when things are happening near you. A thousand shall fall on your side, ten thousand on your right hand but it shall not touch you.
God is so amazing. What happened in the Land of Egypt whiles Pharaoh was holding the Israelites captive showed God’s power.
God sent hail on the Egyptians and it destroyed their live stock. However this was the same Land the Israelites lived on and the hail did not come near them. The live stock of the Egyptians died and no harm touched Live stock of the Israelites. The Lord sent boils but it only came on the Egyptians and nothing came on the Israelites.
God is in control of the whole universe. It doesn’t matter the link between you and someone, even if its blood, even if its your neighbor. The blood of Jesus covers you and destroys every negative link.
God restrained the prestilence from coming near and touching the Egyptians.

So how much more covering you when things are happening around you.
A thousand may fall at your side.
People may be plotting right near you. Your own blood link may be plotting against you. Circumstances may be hardening right around you.
Ten thousand at your right hand.
But God said ” It will not touch you”

No matter how big the plot. No matter how close the people plotting are. No matter how close to your house the enemy is attacking. Even if its the things that belong to you thats getting attacked.

God said It will not touch you.
Whatever the enemy has planned cannot touch you. Its happening around you, but don’t allow it to scare you. Don’t allow it to frustrate you. Don’t allow it to depress you. Because God has said IT will NOT touch you. It may be happening right infront of you.
But God has given you inner peace to stand. Don’t allow it to break you down. The blood of Jesus destroys every negative link no matter how close it is.
The link in closeness may be blood. But it will not come near you. The link in closeness could be your home but it will not touch you.
The holy spirit that lives in you has power over every other spirit. Do don’t allow anything to suppress your spirit, your mind or your body. No matter how close the attack may be , God says ” It will not touch you.
So don’t give in when you see things falling right near you. Fix your eyes on Jesus.