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Exodus 14:14
The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace’
Thats the word Moses gave the Israelites when they were fearful when Pharaoh sent His army to chase them.
What Moses said is so beautiful. The Israelites could see that the Egyptians were getting close and they feared. The closeness of the enemies didn’t mean that God has neglected the Israelites. The many issues you face doesn’t mean that God has neglected you.
God wanted to reveal His glory to the Israelites so they will learn to depend on Him and learn to trust Him. Its easy to open our mouth and say “I trust you Lord” . Just like Its easy to tell someone that you Love them.
But the word will have to turn into an action. The actions we take when there is a problem will tell whether we trust God.
The Israelites could have handed themselves over. But they didn’t. They could have given up when they saw the Egyptians coming after them , and said “no way ,they look to many and too strong” but they didnt.
They cried out to God. Because now they had to act out the word “trust”. They chose to follow Moses and obey the Lord as He commanded. They stuck to obeying what God has told Moses they should do. The word “trust” now became a doing word.
When times get tough do we give up? No we should’nt. God is waiting to reveal His glory through us when we stay calm. When the people against you look many and strong , don’t be decieved. When the situation you are facing looks like one you’ve never faced don’t give up.

Because the number or the strength of the opposition does not compare to the power of God. God is above all powers. He created the people who want to make your life difficult. He created every hair on their head and knows them inside out. Your situation is not a mystery to God. He knew it was coming, but He also knows that you are going to make it through. If you hold on to Him and Trust Him. He will reveal His glory and power through the situation.
It doesnt matter how close the issues are. The Egyptians were right behind the Israelites. It doesn’t how armored they are , pharaoh brought chariots with leaders. It doesn’t matter how many they are.
Deuteronomy 32:30
How could one person chase a thousand of them, and two people put ten thousand to flight, unless their Rock had sold them, unless the LORD had given them up?

The Lord will fight for you and you shall forever hold your peace.
You would also think that after the Egyptians had seen God opened the sea for the Israelites to walk on dry ground across the sea, they Egyptians would give up on chasing them.
But no they didn’t, the Egyptians carried on, sometimes even after people have seen the mighty God that is behind you, they want to be persistent. So if the enemy is not giving up, what makes you think you should give up on walking with God, what makes you think you should give up when life gets tough? The more they are after you the more they will see the mighty hand of God. When you hold on to God, they themselves will come to the realization that they have to give up. When you hold on to God, you give those against you the opportunity to witness for themselves the power of almighty God who watches over you. Because God will fight for you and you will forever hold your peace.