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God’s Grace outweighs Failure

Moses was afraid when He heared Pharoah was looking for Him as a result of murdering an egyptian.
He wanted to save His people ( the israelites) from the abuse they were getting from the Egyptians. But he failed to rescue them in His own strength.
When God told Moses to go and speak to pharaoh to release the Israelites, Moses did not succeed straightaway. It wasn’t a one time discussion and a done deal. But Moses listened to God and was persistent in speaking to Pharaoh. God sent Moses so we would be thinking ” It shouldn’t be that difficult to convince pharaoh”. But everything happened for God’s glory to be manifested.
God still chose Moses not depending on His failure or sin. Anyone could have said why would God use Moses? God’s grace is abundant, its not depending on your past mistakes or your present state. He sees the future in you that cannot see.

You may have failed in your exams. You may have been kicked out of college or university. You may have had a child before marriage.You may have come from an abusive home. You may have been disrespectful. You may have done an abortion. You may have fornicated. You may have been rejected. You may have gone into prostitution or committed adultery.
But I want you to know that God’s grace is abundant. Regardless of how much you hate yourself for what you’ve done, or how deep into sin you think you have gone.
God loves you. His grace is sufficient. Every weak area in your life, every failure in your life, every shame in your life God is able to strengthen you to overcome it.
2 corinthians 12:19
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

When you’ve failed doesn’t mean you give up. It doesn’t mean you will never be successful again. It doesn’t mean your world has ended. It doesn’t mean you are not good enough. It doesn’t mean everyone is better than you.It doesn’t mean you are good for nothing.

When you failed means there’s something else you need to learn. It means try again. It means am going to try harder next time. Moses was persistent in speaking to Pharaoh. It may mean there’s something more i need to learn.It doesn’t mean giveup.
But what it means is go back to God. It means surrender all to Him. Jesus died for you so every burden you ever felt he can carry, every brokenness He can heal. Jesus didn’t come and save those that are perfect, He came for the lost, the broken, the sinner. Its His strength that is made perfect in our weakness. Not your strength.
You shall overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony (revelation 12:11). Its the blood of Jesus that will strengthen you to overcome. Its the blood of Jesus that will heal and deliver you to come out of whatever that’s held you down. What you thought you failed in, what you thought was an addiction, Jesus is able to break that cycle in your life.
But seek Him wholeheartedly, let God know you cant do without Him.

Jeremiah 29:13
If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.

God’s Love for you and me is so deep that no matter how many times or how much you’ve failed He’s able to pick you up. The blood of Jesus is able to cleanse you from all unrighteousness. God can still use you, when you surrender and make Jesus Lord over your life. When you seek Him and not let your failures or past mistakes hold you down.
Been a christian doesn’t mean I haven’t failed before. There are many occasions where i failed my exams and had to do it all over again. There are occasions in the past where I slacked and have been disobedient to God’s word.There have been occasions where I have began something and not completed it. But one thing I realized is speaking to God daily and seeking after Him has not only given me the strength but also have the desire to please Him. God’s word has enlightened me and redirected me away from the broad road I used to walk on. Am not perfect but I Surrender and admit to God when He convicts me of where I’ve gone wrong. Certain things I used to do, certain places I used to go and even people I used to hang about with my heart does not desire anymore, because God’s presence and the love of God fills my heart with peace that my past could not give me. I can honestly say there’s been a good change within me and desire to please Him as a result of letting God lead me.
It doesn’t matter where you are at right now, Jesus can turn every failure. There is Hope in Jesus

Proverbs 24:16-18
16 For a righteous man may fall seven times
And rise again

Whatever you may have failed in or fallen short of ,just know that God still loves you and will help you overcome it when you surrender and look to Him for strength. #faith #bible #Jesus #Grace #Love #peace