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The gift of life.

We only have one life. We don’t live forever. We don’t choose when to come and when to go. Every day is precious. Not everybody woke up today. There are people who planned to do so much today and didn’t wake up today.
Sometimes we allow the treasure of living to be consumed by our circumstances. As though we will be here forever. We focus so much on making it through rather than walking through with God. We worry so much on what tomorrow brings that we forget the one who brings tomorrow. The future is in almighty God’s hand. He makes the new day, He gives the breath of life and He takes it away. We allow our minds to ponder on how things are gonna work, rather than putting our minds on the one who makes all things work. We focus on fears that will never happen rather than focusing on the almighty father who everything is afraid of. Like we wake ourselves up, no we don’t. Life is a gift. A gift is something from the heart. Your Life is a gift from God’s heart, so use it wisely. The giver gives the gift because He knows that you will appreciate the gift. Appreciate yourself you are a gift from God. There is love behind the intention of a gift, God loves you thats why He created you.
A good gift is something good enough for the giver to use. You are good enough for God to use you no matter who you are.