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Even the magicians of egypt and all the wise men could not interpret the dream for pharoah. Only God can. And God put the treasure in Joseph to accomplish that. Nobody has the treasure God has put inside of you and can use it like you. Only you can use the treasure to change the world. So you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone. Seek God and let Him reveal what He has put inside of you.
God has appointed just you for a particular calling. For a particular purpose. Nobody can be you , you are unique and designed specially to suit this purpose. They can go to wise men and scientist and all sorts but no one can do it like you can. But how is anyone going to know if you dont step out?
If you say am shy? Or i havn’t got the resources, or i will wait till next year. Someone somewhere is waiting to hear the words God has put in your mouth to step back from suicide. Someone is waiting to hear your testimony to stop the abortion. Someone is waiting to hear your song so they know all hope is not lost. Someone is waiting to read your book so they can step out of the sick bed. As a result of Joseph stepping out and using the treasure God has placed in him , He saved a whole nation from famine. If Joseph did not use what God had placed in him, a whole nation would have been severely devastated.

In Joseph’s story its very clear that the treasure God has put in you is not just about you. Its about saving a lost nation, its about glorifying God. The treasure is not from you so give glory to who it belongs to ; GOD.
When pharoah asked Joseph to the interpret the dream . Joseph said “It is not in me; God will give pharoah an answer of peace.
Joseph made it very clear that he could not interpret pharoah’s dream without God.
2 corinthians 4:7 But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

God is the one standing behind you and will direct you to release that dream, that idea, not you. So why are you afraid? Its not going to be in your own strength.

But you don’t have to wait to be rich to use that treasure. Or own the biggest house. Your age , level of education, whether you have children or not, should not stop you. Just step out. Joseph was not a king before he interpreted pharaoh’s dream, he was coming from prison. He was a prisoner. God will do the rest if you step out. God’s treasure is not measured by your circumstance. It is measured by the ability of God. And am sure you already know nothing is impossible for God.
Even the surrounding nations came to egypt for food. The treasure God put inside joseph was to deliver not just people from egypt from famine, but even outside of egypt. The treasure God has put inside you may be singing, writing, speaking, directing, drawing, sowing, designing ,dreaming, interpreting dreams,prophesying. Even if the list here does not link to you God still has something very specific for you.
Your treasure will take you to places you havn’t seen. You treasure will be a blessing to you and others. You may not see how now. But joseph didnt see how either. He just stepped out. Joseph’s dream came to pass as a result of using the treasure placed in Him. He became head over pharoah’s house and all the people were ruled according to His word. He became wealthy and successful.

The treasure God has put inside you will lead you to your purpose. May God give us the strength to step out and use His treasure and accomplish His purpose for our life’s.