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The circumstances and character preparing you for your purpose

When Joseph was sold as a slave, everyone around him including His family probably thought His dreams had ended. But it was just the beginning of Him, not the ending . The beginning may have started bitter but there was a sweet ending. Joseph’s circumstances prepared and pruned Him for His purpose. Been sold as a slave to live in a land he’s never been before without His family, and having to serve may have seemed to be out of God’s plan.But everything Joseph went through was not a waste of time. Every stage of His life prepared Him for His purpose.One character I noticed Joseph learnt which was beneficial before He walked in His purpose was service.

Even if you haven’t found your purpose yet or you have, and you feel like the place you working is nothing relating to your purpose, Keep seeking God for what He wants you to learn where you are right now. It may be that you will apply something you learnt from where you are right now later in the future when walking in your purpose. But keep seeking God and He will reveal more to you. Joseph Learnt to serve.

The bible says Joseph served His master first. Before putting all that He has under his authority. If Joseph decided there’s no way i will serve This man and didn’t humble Himself where He was, He wouldn’t have been given the authority. Yes God favoured Him but He served first.
God was preparing Joseph for his purpose. Yes when every body looked at Him as a servant, God was preparing Him to serve a country. God knew all the plans he had for him so he put him in places to prepare him for his purpose.Joseph being thrown into prison may have seemed like the worse thing ever. But even in the prison cell, he served, God was preparing Him for His purpose. The head of the prison left everything in his hand to look after.
Before He could lead a nation, Joseph had to serve. He served his father. He served in portiphar’s house before becoming the head of the house. He served in prison before becoming in charge of the prisoners.
What does that tell us. Before becoming a leader you first need to learn to serve. This may seem like you are at the lower rank, and it may seem like you are not important. But God wants you to know you are important to Him and you are being prepared for something greater. God wants us to be humble and be faithful in the little things. Even though where you are is not where you dream or imagine yourself to be, do what you need to do there and be humble. You are not here by accident, you are here for a purpose and everywhere you go is not by accident , you are there to know something.
In prison Joseph served the prisoners. When God says He will work everything out for our good, He will. We don’t have to worry how or when. Portiphar’s wife was the cause of Joseph being in prison, but God used the bad circumstance to lead Joseph into his calling. Because its in prison that he had the opportunity to interpret the dreams of the kings baker and butler. And because he was able to do that when king pharaoh had a dream the butler told the king about Joseph. Is there a door of opportunity in bad circumstances? Are there people God puts in our path in tough times. Yes there is. May God open our eyes to see the door of opportunities in every circumstance.