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Dreams can come true.

Yes dreams can come true. No matter where you are right now the dreams God has shown you can come pass .Its not about where you are right now. If God has shown you a dream it will come to pass if you don’t doubt and have faith in God that it will happen. The dream may look bigger than where you are right now. But its not about where you are, its about who you are. Its about what God has put inside of you. Because you are God’s vessel.

“2 corinthians 4:7 But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” Yes Joseph was in his fathers house, just a young boy when He had the awesome dream ” Genesis 37: 9 then He dreamed still another dream and told it to his brothers, and said ‘ Look I have dreamed another dream. And this time the sun , the moon, and the eleven stars bowed down to me.”

But He believed in His dream so much He went on to tell his father and brothers. Joseph first believed His dream. Because if he didnt believe it, he would have stop talking about it to his brothers who hated him. But before we share our dreams with people we must first consult God. We must believe in our selves and believe in our dreams. Yes where you are right now may reflect nothing of the dream, but it will surely come to pass. The surroundings and the situation you are in right now may be the opposite of your dreams, vision and plan but DONT GIVE UP. Because no matter where Joseph was, it didn’t stop him believing in his dream. And even worse His brothers selling Him of thinking he will never accomplish His dreams didn’t stop him either. Nothing should stop us, Not the people who have said you cant make it, your surroundings, even if its your best friend or family they shouldn’t stop you.

Joseph was sold, he became a slave. He lost His identity in the eyes of men but not in God. He no longer belonged to Himself. But that did not stop God’s plan and His dream from coming to pass. What does that tell us? No matter the crisis, no matter how lost you may feel, no matter where in the world you are , God’s plan shall come to pass. Everything around him showed he cant make it, but it wasn’t about that, it was about what God has put inside of him. “1 john 4:4 Greater Is He that lives in you than He that is in the world. ”
What’s inside of you is stronger than whats around you. We shouldn’t allow our surroundings to manipulate us into shutting our dreams. To be honest you are ten times stronger than what you face around you. But we are only going to realize our strength by knowing whats in us

Luke 10:19 I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” But we need to realize Its not our power or our strength its God almighty’s power. Its about who has given us the authority “JESUS”. Matthew 28:8 All power in Heaven and on earth belongs to Jesus.

Pastor kenneth hagan once said ”
The strength of something depends on the force or power behind it.
And can you understand that God all powerful is with you; He is stronger than the lightning and thunder and stronger than the waves of the sea. “Psalm 93:4 But mightier than the violent raging of the seas, mightier than the breakers on the shore–the LORD above is mightier than these!” Matthew 28:8 All power in Heaven and on earth belongs to Jesus.

So if God has given us a dream or we face a situation, lets not move with our own strength. Seek Strength from God first , because He is the undefeated force Behind us, we must conquer.