When you feel unloved or think you are unloved. Know that almighty God loves you. God is a God of love. Leah was not Jacobs choice of marriage, so she was unloved by Jacob. But God still loves her. Yes she wasnt supposed to be with jacob, but God still loves her. God didnt love her less because she wasnt loved by the descendant of Abraham (Jacob). God still loves you when you are not loved by people who are supposed to love you or people who you feel are important to you. No matter where you’ve got yourself to God still loves you. When you look at how specially designed God has created you, understand that you are loved. God created you but gave you control over yourself. He cares about every part of you, every tear that you shed. Every worry on your mind. And He wants to do something about it. God doesn’t want to throw a pity party with you. He wants to help you leave the pity party and throw a loving party for you. No matter what state you may be in right now almighty God loves you. The bible says when the Lord saw that leah was unloved, He opened her womb. God doesn’t just see what you are going through and turn a blind eye. Just like leah He has seen when you are unloved and wants you to know that He loves you and will do something about your situation.