Who are going to listen to ? God or the devil? God who created you and loves you and has provided for you and has protected you and has a future for you. And the devil who wants to steal kill and destroy. The father of all lies. Who’s word are you obeying? Because obeying God will not just give you life,but you will be rewarded with everything He has promised and build a strong relationship with Jesus. You will also be happy because God will ensure you are, living in pain and shame and bondage to sin is not happy, it destroys you and thats what the enemy wants. Everything will work out for your good if you trust and obey God and you will receive double blessings for all your trouble.

When you are about to do something Stop and think about the outcome. Will God be happy with this? Is it in obedience to His word? Stop there if its a no.Because there will be consequences if you go ahead. One question Eve and Adam never asked themselves was is God going to be happy with this? And isit in obedience with His word? And they never thought of the consequences. God said they would die, but God is so kind He didn’t kill them, but it led to a broken relationship between them and God and difficulties which are still going on today. So the first step is always realizing that God is everywhere and knows everything, so even if man doesn’t see, God sees and judges. You did not create yourself, from your eyes to your finger nail. God created you , are you going to listen to almighty God who formed you and in control of your very breath , or the devil or who hasn’t done anything good and did not create you?

In the garden of eden God didnt just create the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil but he also placed the tree of life. And the tree of life gives an eternal life. Every obedience to God leads to life. But the enemy didnt stay around the tree of life, he stayed around the disobedient tree. Which tree are you drawing to? Because as long as there are people and things to convince you into disobedience to God, there are also people and things to convince you into obedience with God. God gave adam and eve choices and we all have choices to. Which tree are you drawing close to?