God will come through

In john21: 2
The disciples decided to go out to fish, but the bible says when they went they caught nothing.

Have you searched for something in life you could not find? Or faced a situation which looked impossible in your eyes? Or waited for the results but still haven’t seen the breakthrough yet?

The disciples fished at night and didn’t catch anything. Im sure they didn’t need the fish just as a meal but also supported their living. But they didn’t give up, in the morning they were still there. They were patient. Dont give up on your situation or think its never going to turn around, have hope, keep believing that there’s hope in the morning, because God will come through. Your time will surely come

The bible says in the morning Jesus stood on the shore, but the disciples did not recognise Him. Sometimes we keep thinking where is God when life seems so bitter? when my cry has been consistent and the situation seems like its not turning around?

Even though they could not recognise Jesus, he called out to them. Even though you may wonder where Jesus is in the midst of situations, He recognises you and wont give up on you. . He is calling out to you, he wont leave you or forsake you, He wants to lead you to the interview room, to that exam, out of the tough situation, out of the abusive relationship, out of addictions. But you need to believe and understand and be consistent in seeking Him and let Him know what’s troubling you. Jesus loves you and will deliver you from fear, anger,lust, confusion but most importantly He will give you strength to face the situation and come out victorious. His strength is made perfect in your weakness.(2 corinthians 12:19).

Jesus told the disciples to throw their net to right side of the boat and the fishes they caught were so many .God is speaking, even though we are not realising His voice, and the only way is not just believing in Him and praying but reading His word and asking for His strength to enable us to walk in His obedience. (Jeremiah 29:13
If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.)

Jesus will lead you on your path in life, when life gets tough He wont leave you He will lead you. He will direct your path. This doesnt mean you wont stumble, but He is there ready to pick you up when you do. This doesnt mean you won’t face issues in life, but you are assured that you will overcome and He will work everything out for your good.God loves you.

Glory be to God almighty